“I have never been a naturally sporty person. I have always been an enthusiast and proficient at most sports thorugh determination – but never, say, on the A team or, if I was, sneaking in on the tail end. I think this is why I love trekking. The ‘shetland pony’ can trudge along in the rear, comfortable with the long legged race horses and still be part of the stable.

I don’t think I would be exaggeration gif I said that my trips with GTA have been life transforming for me. They give me a good excuse to get away with my girlfriends for a holiday every year sans husband and children, have taken me to tryly majestic parts of our world not seen unless you venture off the beaten parth and have kept me fit and strong and connected with my mind and body.”

Donna Sinopoli, Girl Trekker since 2015

“All I need to do is I pay my money and I am guaranteed a great holiday, it really doesn’t matter where it is!”. I realise how much effort and planning goes into making a holiday work like clockwork and when I made that comment I was thinking about Larapinta vs Blue Mtns … both trips were great, very different but equally great. I am so looking forward to my next trip with GTA … and also really enjoying the feeling of the friendly group each Saturday morning at HikeFit (such a nice way to start each weekend). Keep up the great ‘work’.”

Sue Gordon, Girl Trekker since 2013

“Whether it’s a reason to get fit, the challenge of the hike, the gourmet food, boutique accommodation or simply the chance to take a mini break with someone else organising it – Girls Trekking Adventures keep luring me back for more with their knowledge, attention to detail and personal touch…trekking in style!”

Jo Lawrence, Girl Trekker since 2011

“Trekking the beautiful Blue Mountains was the highlight of my year. As a mum of three, so much of my life is bogged down in detail, decision-making and negotiation. My Girls Trekking experience allowed me to shut down my mind, drink in beautiful scenery and let someone else take the lead for a change. My trek was thoroughly planned but never hurried, cultured yet never pretentious, the friendships cultivated, not contrived. Most of all, I felt a renewed sense of myself, energized and inspired to live more fully upon return home. Thank you Frith and Lyn for my hassle-free adventure. I can’t wait for the next!”

Lindsay Kasprowicz, Girl Trekker since 2013